Monday, May 19, 2014

Beautiful Days

This tag tutorial was created by myself 5/19/14 for this blog Desertsplace.
Any other similar is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy or steal my tags/ tutorials or claim them as your own.

This tag tutorial was made with the kit called Spring Festival by dnscraps and can be found HERE

Artist tube is from Keith Garvey  and can be purchased HERE

Open new image, 600x600 transparent background checked.

Open watter...  resize 50%
place lower center of canvas
Open ... frameflowers resize70
rotate slightly to the right
place in the middle of the water
Open...paper I chose paper 2
using your magic wand, click inside the frame and click under the little branch at the 
bottom or it will not catch it all.
selections, modify, expand 9
resize if you like and copy your paper
right click and paste, new layer,
selections, then hit delete. Selections, select none.
Drag this under your frame layer. 
Get your tube, resize if needed,
copy and paste under the frame layer.
Open... ribbons (white)... resize 50 
paste at bottom of frame
Open ladder.... resixe 30 
rotate right a little
layers duplicate, use the pick tool and grab it
move it off the other adjust the size by pushing in the edges at the nodes and rotate.
Open little blue garden flowers,,, resize 15 and place right side of the water, duplicate and place in several places, rotate if you like.
Open rocks... resize 30
place under front of frame, layers, duplicate,
image mirror adjust to where you like it on the side. Layers duplicate and do the same on the other side. You can fill in with more if you like just duplicate it again.
rake resize 40. image mirror copy and paste 
leaning agains the ladder layer
Open bowl.. resize 15 place at the bottom of the ladder,
Open mouse... resize 15 place on the bowl resize 15
place at the bottom of the ladder
Open...flower resize 7 copy and paste on the lower left on the rocks 2 resize 10 paste on the lower left on the rocks 
Open...flower resize 7 copy and paste on the lower left on the rocks
Open your tube of choice
If you have a full size of your tube place on the left side.
Layers, new raster layer.
Chose Elipse shape from the side bar and create a circle in th upper right side foreground black background null
After the circle is the size you like,
Layers, new raster layer,
Choose text from the side bar,
Hover on top of the circle, when you see the A with a half circle under click and write Beautiful Days or what you like in your font of choice. 
Wken you are done you can position it.
then delete the vector layer that the original circle was drawn on so it does not show anymore.
I added drop shadows to everything but the tube in the frame and the words.  (V 1 H2 Opa 30 Blur 6 color black.
Add your artist credits, merge and save.

Thank you for trying my tutorial
xo Des xo