Friday, November 25, 2011

PTU Christmas Time

Christmas Time

This tutorial was written by myself 11/19/11 for this blog, Desert's Place
Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purley coincidental.
The kit I am using is PTU Vintage Christmas from Tooty Pup Scraps, you can purchase
it at Twilight Scraps HERE
The tube I am using is by Amy Brown, you can get from CDO HERE

Plugin needed Xero Fritillary
Alien Skin EyeCandy 5 Impact Gradient Glow (Optional)
Font I used is Passions ConflictROB

Let's Start

Open new image 600x600 transparent box checked
Open TP_SteamPunkChristmas Deco_6 resize 50%, image rotate right place in center and to the right.
Layers, duplicate,image, mirror, image and flip.
Open TP_bronze gear04 resize 75%
With the magic wand click inside the gear layer, goto selections, modify, expand 3 ok.
Open paper_09 copy and paste as new layer,selections, invert and hit the delete key. Pull that layer under the gear layer.
With the paper layer still active (or click on it) , go to effects, plugins, xero, fritillary with these settings
granularity 5, aggression, 36, tesselaton 10 variation 18 or you can hit random at the bottom and chose what you like.

Click back on the gear layer

open TP_Steampunk Christmas bow 4 resize 50% copy and place as new layer in the middle left side of gear
Open TP_Steampunk Christmas Lantern01 resize 20% copy and paste as new layer middle right side on gear

Open TP_ Clock 06 resize 50% copy and paste as new layer. Place top middle of gear
Open TP_Tag 04 resize 20%, image, free rotate check left, 45 free check
Open TP_Holly 04 resize 20% copy and paste near the bottom of the TP_Tag04.

Open your tube andcopy on the paper layer of the frame and paste your tube as new layer, to resize, use the pick tool.
Now this next part I may lose you on because I am unsure of how to explain it but I will try. If you have an easier way to do this
that is fine :) Whichever you feel better with

Click on the tube layer, then layers, duplicate. Drag this layer down under the frame layer and close it off. Click on the original tube layer and
erase any parts of it that may be sticking out where you dont want them to (like the wings were on my tube at the top) ( I wanted her leg sticking out so
I did not erase that part. Once this is done, click on the closed tube layer and reopen it
erase any parts you do not want, ( I erased the peices that were over the flowers deco but kept the leg again...
It takes a little practice but once you get use to it its easy. (If this doesnt make much sense just place your tube how you
want her to be lol)

Add drop shadow to all layers except the tube and paper layer. My settings are V1 ,H2 ,O67, B 5.00

Layers, merge all visible, if you are happy with it then add your credits and save.

I added a gradient glow to the name which is optional.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

xo Desert xo

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