Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a note

Life is short. It seems like forever when we are living it but in the end it was all to fast.
I have held grudges against people for a long time and realized in the last few days, I should not be that way, even though it hurts my heart. Forgiveness is the key. I am not saying to forget all the things that are done, but learn from them. If your heart is open to the world, it will be beat up and bruised. Family is top of the list for this. They are the ones that truly love you the most and are the ones that hurt you the most because they know where to hit. Just remember if you chose to throw a blow, they are your family, the only one you get.

Sometimes it takes just a moment to realize. I have wasted years harboring angry feelings over something that was said, and now I am letting it go. I do not know if some of my family will feel the same or not, it makes no difference to me.  I am letting people back into my life if they chose to come, but will be ever so careful of what I let happen to me. 

When I lost my father, it was the worse thing that has ever happen to me. The whole thing is burned into my mind and I think of him and cry every day still. I am just thankful that we were always good to each other and in the end there was no regrets. My husband lost his father yesterday. Now neither of us have a dad. The end. It really sucks. To their children, dads are our heros no matter how old we may be and the loss of them is like no other.

In light of my father in law passing unexpectedly Sunday 1/15/12, the last few tags will  not have tutorials written for them. Thank you for your understanding and compassion.
May you rest easy Ray.
xo Desert xo

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