Wednesday, April 10, 2013

China Mermaid


This tag tutorial was created by myself 4/10/13 for this blog Desertsplace.
Any other similar is purely coincidental. 
Please do not copy or steal my tags/ tutorials or claim them as your own.

This tag tutorial was made with the kit called China Doll by Tootypup and can be found HERE
Artist tube is from Gaetano Di Falco and can be purchased HERE

Open new image, 600x600 transparent background checked.
On the right go to you rpaint brush tool, select soft fuzz brush , 
On the color palet, make it to a soft blue color I used #7796a7 Using the soft fuzz brush
go around and make a background of blue lightly by clicking and moving the mouse and letting up.
Make it to your liking.
Open tree 3, resize 30%, copy and paste to left of center. Go to layers, duplicate, go to image and flip. Drag this over to the right
to where you like it.
Open tree 3 resize 50 %  copy and paste to the right of center over lapping the other tree.
Open tree 2 resize 30%,  copy and paste to the right of center lower than the first.
Open bird 1, rezise 5%, copy and paste as new layer up in the trees, do this as many times as you like.
Oopen bridge 3, resize 80%, copy and paste, center of image. Arrange trees and birds at this time if you chose to make them different.
Open deco1, resize 20%, using the pick tool, you can rotate by grabbing the little node and turning with your mouse
place it where you like it, then go to layers, duplicate, and rotate and drag to where you like. I did this to accomadate my tube choice.
Open your tube resize as necessary, copy and paste as new layer.
Open flowers 3, resize 20% copy and paste as new layer at the bottom near the middle and on both sides of the bridge..
Open leaf deco2, resize 10% copy and paste lower right bottom.
Open BlossomTreeLarge, rezise 10%, copy and paste lower right bottom.
Open your choice of fern leafs, resize 10% copy and rotate, and  paste to your liking. I did this to cover the bottom of my tube,.
Add artist credits and merge all layers, save as png and you are finished.
Thank you for trying my tutorial
xo Desert xo

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