Sunday, June 10, 2012

Icarus-Shades of Grey-

Icarus-Shades of Grey-

This tutorial was written by myself 6/10/12 for this blog Desertsplace.
Any other similar is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy or steal my tutorials or claim them as your own.
This tag was made using Shades of Grey by CandysTreats and can be found HERE under the freebies tab.
Thank you so much Candy for allowing use of this kit.
Artist tube is by Keith Garvey as a free gift and can also be found at PTE HERE

Open leaves3, copy and paste as new layer, rotate to the right to your liking
Open ele2, resize 90% copy and paste as new layer at the bottom center.
Open ele13, resize 80% copy and paste as new layer top center.
Open ele5, copy and paste as new layer lower left corner, rotate slightly left.
Open ele15, resize 50%, copy and paste as new layer toward the left side rotate to the left to your liking,
Open element 30 resize 50%,copy and paste as new layer on the right, rotate slightly to the right.
Add dropshadow-effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and I used these settings O2,H1, O54, B2.9 color black and click ok
then repeat dropshadow changing the Hto -1, and apply.
Add a new raster layer, go to layers new raster layer ok,
select a font you like and type your saying on the paper, sizing it accordingly.
Open bow1, resize 50% copy and paste as new layer top center of the paper.
Open element22, resize 15%, copy and paste as new layer upper off center to the right.
Layers, duplicate and place it again to the right of the first.
Open your tube, resize if necessary, copy and paste as new layer. You can also go to
effects, photo effects and change to a black and white tone. Place to your liking.
Open Clusteroverlay3, paste as new layer bottom center. 
Open element 27 resize 30% copy and paste as new layer over the top heart at the bottom,
rotate to your liking,Layers, duplicate,rotate and place over the second heart layer.
Merge all layers and save your tag.
Add your credits and names and youre done!
Thank you so much for trying my tutorial.
~x Desert x~

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