Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sea Dreams

This tutorial was written by myself 6/2/12 for this blog Desertsplace.
Any other similar is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy or steal my tutorials or claim them as your own.

This tag was made using the beautiful PTU kit called September Light by MystDesigns

and can be purchased HERE
Artist tube is by Keith Garvey as a free gift and can also be found at PTE HERE

Let's Begin:

Open new image 600x600 transparent background checked.
Select the preset shape tool to elipse,
 on the color pallet make the foreground null, and the background
 use the preset shape elipse tool and 
make another circle, just smaller than the first.
Click inside with magic wand, go to selections, modify, contract, 3 ok.
Go to layers, new raster layer, ok.
Open paper 9 resize 30% copy and paste as new layer, selections, invert, hit the delete key
Open pepples and resize 7%, copy and paste on both lower sides of the circle.
0pen light green branch resize 7% copy and paste over the pebbles rotate slightly
 go to layers  Go to layers, duplicate, place again near the first one rotate it a little,
 Go to layers, duplicate again, go to image and mirror, placing it over the pebbles
on the right side and rotating to your liking again, ilayers, duplicate and place again near the previous one on the right side.
Open lighthouse 1, resize 20%, copy and paste as new layer to the left side of the circle.
Open deck chair, resize 20%,copy and paste on the left overlapping the lighthouse slightly.
Open seagull1, resize 8%, copy and paste as new layer upper left  circle.
Open seagull2, resize 10%, copy and paste as new layer upper right of circle
Open pole with seagull, resize 15%, copy and paste as new layer right side of the circle.
Open your tube,  resize if  necessary, copy and place in the center. I added a drop shadow with these settings V -4, H -1 O 96, b 13.04, color black.
Open flower1, resize 10%, copy and paste over the leaves on right side.
Open flower4, resize 7%, copy and paste over flower1 slightly to the right.
Open bottle ship, resize 15%, copy and paste center overlapping your tube.
Open compass, resize 12%, copy and paste over lapping bottle and bottom of flowers.
Open random shells, I used 1, 3, 6, and 9 resize them all to a small size to fit onto the chair.
place to your liking.
Open starfish, resize 15%, copy and paste as new layer over the lower part of the chair.
Go to layers, merge all visible, if it looks good to you then save, if not, undo and re-adjust if needed.
Add your credits and you are all finished. Don't forget to save, add your name, text or what you wish to it.
Thanks for trying my tutorial
~x Desert x~

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